OUTU/呕吐: Grefe // Blackened Drone Rituals

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Welcome. Enter unto the worms of our collective evisceration -- the howl, the squealing ache -- or: let us now bow our heads to the frequencies of our own ritual protest music (invisible currents of merciful abandonment) and transcendent obliterative audio practices through the manipulation of digital and analog interfaces: objects, bodies and stones, shamans and grief.

Become undying flesh of the world.

Outu/呕吐 was born from an impulse to grieve and live again, a yearning for control in the face of the uncontrollable (the static, the noise). An experiment in meditative prayer and solitary transcendence. The word "呕吐" means "vomit" in Mandarin Chinese. The sound of the word relates to the word "sound" or 音("on" in Japanese). Thus, the Outu project is a vomiting forth of memory and sound, a connection between my research in Japan and China that occured over a decade ago. It is an experiment in blackened (or crusted) rituals (at times, smeared in slime) where skin and tongue meet fingers and distant digital landscapes. This projection is where sinewave oscillations collide in the face of goregrind laments, squealing shortwave drones, and nightmarish pitch-shifted rituals.

A decade has passed. Death looms. Life in death. We revolve in quarantined spaces, and the threat of the invisible, of the fragility of what lies beyond this veil is put a frequency away. We channel the current. We celebrate the elements, the orgiastic paroxysmal fever, the abyss, the void, and the fullness of the last persecution. Be present. Be nothing.


Contact for Audio/Visual Collaborations: jamie dot grefe at gmail dot com